The Best Guadalajara Hotels and Experiences

Casa Pedro Loza

Guadalajara is growing into a decent-sized city and there are both traditional and modern experiences to be found. In my personal opinion, the best neighborhoods to stay in are the Zona Centro (downtown), La Colonia Americana and Chapalita. Each neighborhood has a little different feel but they all have lots of activities and are very walkable, ast least during the day. This is my personal list of the best Guadalajara hotels that you should consider while planning your trip.

Guadalajara doesn’t see a lot of tourism from the United States but is a major destination for Mexican travelers. During Semana Santa (Holy Week or the week before Easter) most of the Tapatios (the locals) head to the beach but the city is flooded with tourists from other parts of Mexico and the price of hotels increases. During big events like the book festival (late November/early December) or the film festival (mid March) getting a last minute room becomes difficult. Make sure to plan ahead if you want to find a nice, affordable place to stay.

Here are my recommendations for places to stay in Guadalajara:

Zona Centro Hotels

The Zona Centro is the most scenic part of Guadalajara and they hotels equally stunning. Take care not to walk around after dark. As in any major metropolitan area petty crime is an issue after the sun goes down.

Casa Pedro Loza

Casa Pedro Loza is a spectacular 19th century mansion that has been converted into a lovely boutique hotel. It is situated on the pedestrian avenue of Calle Pedro Loza about five blocks from the Guadalajara Cathedral and the Plaza Guadalajara. The hotel is one of the most coveted wedding venues in the city so make sure to book well in advance. The Jardin Secreto Suite has a Jacuzzi tub in a garden setting. Rooms start at MX$1000 per night.

Casa Pedro Loza, Guadalajara, Jalisco
Casa Pedro Loza, Guadalajara, Jalisco  Google Maps

Hotel Morales

The 98 room Hotel Morales is another 19th-century architectural gem of downtown Guadalajara. Originally a guest house for a wealthy family, the building has been remodeled over and over again. This was the place to be and be seen in the 1930s and 1940s hosting celebrities such as María Felix and Pedro Infante. The hotel is located across the street from the Jardin San Francisco and easily accessible to walk all over downtown. The rooms are clean and the service is excellent. Rooms start at MX$1000 per night.  Google Maps

The Best Guadalajara Hotels in Chapalita and Ciudad del Sol

The best Guadalajara hotels in Chapalita

The Chapalita neighborhood is my favorite part of Guadalajara. The streets are lined with orange trees and roses, and there is a real sense of community here. It is one of the safest parts of the Guadalajara Metro Region and an enjoyable place to stroll from your hotel to a local restaurant or park.

Riu Plaza

The RIU Hotel is Guadalajara’s newest landmark. One of the tallest buildings in Mexico, the 44 story building can be seen from all over town. The RIU is located at the intersection of three of the most important avenues in Guadalajara and is a favorite of business travelers because of its central location. There are 500 designer rooms, plenty of English-speaking staff and the comforts of a top-notch hotel. My family loves to stay here. Rooms start at MX$1300 per night  Google Maps

Hotel La Mansion del Sol

You can think about the Mansion del Sol like you are going to stay with your really rich grandparents. The hotel is a mid-century (mid 20th century) mansion that has been converted into a hotel with an old school motif. It is fabulous and tacky at the same time but super comfortable. You are right down the street from Plaza del Sol and right down the street from Chapalita. Having a car is recommended because it is right in middle of a suburban neighborhood and there isn’t too much walking distance.  Google Maps

The Best Guadalajara Hotels in the Colonia Americana

The best Guadalajara hotels in the Colonia Americana
Colonia Americana, Guadalajara

The Colonia Americana is the heart of hipster Guadalajara. Much like the Colonia Roma in Mexico City you will find plenty of small restaurants and bars set in historic buildings. The architecture dates to the era of Porfirio Díaz just before the Mexican Revolution. Avenida Chapultepec is the heart of the bar district while Avenida López Cotilla has some of the best restaurants in town. The area is a little run down in parts especially as you move east towards Avenida Enrique Díaz de Leon and downtown. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings and not to walk around focused on your cell phone.

Casa Fayette is one of the Best Guadalajara Hotels and Experiences in 2019

Casa Fayete is one of the best hotels in Guadalajara

Casa Fayette is the hottest boutique hotel in Guadalajara at the moment.  Originally a 37 bedroom mansion, one of Mexico’s top design firms has converted the structure into a hotel with a great restaurant and day-spa. The rooftop pool is one of the trendiest places to be seen in Guadalajara during the summer months. They even have some vintage bikes for rent so that you can get to know the neighborhood better. Rooms start at about MX$2000 per night.  Google Maps

Hostel Hospedarte Chapultepec

If you are interested in meeting travelers this is your budget accommodation of choice. Located right off of Avenida Chapultepec in the heart of the bar district you are walking distance to everything. This particular hostel won the Hostel World’s award for best hostel in Mexico in 2014 and is always ranked highly on TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet. Rooms start at around MX$500 per night.  Google Maps


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